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Development of Mobile Applications for Android OS

Development of Mobile Applications for Android OS

Our core strength lies in native Android(Java) app development.

Android App Development

Wezom, an Android app development company is capable of developing user-friendly and technically sound applications for various types of users, using the extraordinary Android interface.

Among the numerous Android app development services, Wezom Mobile are offering the development of an efficient marketing tool in shape of a mobile application. It would provide a new platform for sales and profits for the client and their business.

Benefits of Acquiring Android App Development Services

Creating Android application is the most effective tool for businesses and startups associated with any field or industry. Contrary to ordinary advertising, the mobile app possesses the following merits:

  • Being available on the smartphone, it is always at the forefront of the users’ reach, making it more useful.
  • The user only uses the functional component for targeted action.
  • It is present and available for use, round the clock.
  • Helps, attracting new customers and in customer retention.
  • Improves the pathway to making purchasing courtesy of easy communication and targeted action.

Android applications possess more advantages as compared to other operating systems because of the following facts:

  • Almost 80% of total smartphones are powered by Android, thus making it more popular.
  • 85% of the total internet users access the internet via mobile gadgets.
  • 31% of the total mobile traffic is related to sales.

 A state of the art mobile application provides the perfect opportunity for companies to get closer to their customers. Moreover, it also helps in successfully promoting and selling products and/or services to the market without any direct advertising.

Stages Of Mobile App Development For Android

Developing of Android application consists of the following stages:

  • Audit.

Wezom examines and understands the aspects of the business of their client. Afterward, in consultation with the customer, the outline of the app is drafted and subsequently agreed. The three main factors that are taken into account are simplicity, usability and functionality.

  • Designing and planning.

During the designing stage, in order to gauge the user interaction with mobile development, special attention is paid to the features of the niche market.

  • Creating a prototype.

It is built in an interactive form which allows for an easy hypothesis of all interaction features in the app.

  • Design development.

Besides adhering to the requirements of Google, Wezom builds an exquisite visual display that not only meets the expectations of the users but also encourages them to make a purchase.

  • Development of the functional

The core of functioning is created with the development of the architecture of the app. Moreover, the database is projected and simultaneously, a server solution is created to manage the software.

  • Testing.

As per the pre-agreed plan, the development team of Wezom tests the process of product development at every stage.

  • Analytics

At this stage, the product is tested by actual users of the focus group (provided by customer). And corrections are thereafter made based on their analysis of the beta version.

  • Placing an app on Google Play.

The placement of the app on Google Play Store is done via the account (client’s or Wezom’s) and is free of charge. The warranty maintenance time begins when the publication or placement takes place.

The use of Android app for businesses

According to the stats, 35% of buyers view the product or service via their smartphones before making a purchase through their computer or physically at a store. This shows that an Android app can open several new horizons for businesses such as:

  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Increase sales
  • Growth in profits
  • Establishment of a permanent communication channel with customers
  • Improve company image
  • Being able to sale 24/7.

Why Wezom Mobile?

With so many options available in the market, why choose Android app development services from Wezom for a growing business or a start-up?

  1. Due to the abundance of experience, high-quality work is given in terms of mobile app development.
  2. Courtesy of the resources and professionalism, a project of high complexity can also be undertaken with ease. This would help in converting the client’s idea into reality and subsequently making their business more attractive.
  3. Individual solutions are created without the use of any development or design templates.
  4. Continuous and dedicated client support throughout the development process.
  5. Reasonable Android app development cost.

The terms and conditions regarding implementation and cost of each project are based on the complexity of the structure and design of the app, its features, expected user load, the time spent on its development and number of teams involved in the process.

Android app development is among the best services offered by Wezom. So, try working with our company and it will be our motto to make the entire process easy and profitable for you along with helping you achieve the desired results.