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Mobile applications developing for iOS

Mobile applications developing for iOS

Our core strength lies in native iOS(Swift,Objective-C)

iOS App Development

Wish to be closer to a potentially paying target audience? iOS mobile applications will help create a marketing for the purpose.

Lots companies are already benefitting from iOS applications and have gained a foothold against their competitors. Does your company wish to achieve the same? Our iOS app development company, Wezom can guide you through the process and help you stay in touch with the modern trends. Programs running on iOS-powered gadgets such as iPhone and iPad offer the perfect opportunity to fast online access your company’s products or services from anywhere in the world. Purchases can be made from literally a few clicks, round the clock, all year long.

Advantages of iOS app development

Whether it’s a start-up or a well-established business in the world of retail, logistics or/and finance, iOS app development is a valuable investment. With proper implementation, distribution and positioning, the apps will offer the following:

  • Helps in customer attraction and customer retention. The Apple users are considered the most intelligent.
  • The ability to stay in touch with customers and to inform them about the latest happenings.
  • Increase the frequency of purchases with old and new customers using the mobile app.
  • Increase customer loyalty with target audience.
  • Properly position and sell goods globally.

These are considered as a small part of the benefits of acquiring iPhone app development services.

We work with three fundamental principles intact at all times:

  • Exquisite attention to detail – Creativity – Responsibility for results and outcomes.

It is also worth noting that the guidelines set for iOS applications are performed by qualified developers that possess immense practical experience.

What is the process of developing of apps for iPhone?

The iOS app development has its own specifications. The reason is that the iOS operating system is well-structured and referred as ‘closed’. Therefore, higher requirements for security are in place because highlights of user actions tend to leave its imprints.

The process consists of the following steps:

  • Studying and examining the specific requirements of customer and their business. It aids in the better understanding of the advantages associated with the product or/and services.
  • Analyze the target audience and competition.
  • Design and test hypothesis of screens structure and interaction logic of the software product.
  • Selection and implementation of the optimal visual solution that is as per client’s requirement.
  • Directly developing and writing native code.
  • Manual and auto testing of the product functionality by professionals.
  • Publication in the App Store.

In order to create an iOS mobile app, an analysis of similar app developments is conducted. The merits and demerits are understood with special attention being paid to user feedback. This is an important aspect of the design.  

The next development stage of the design demands high attention because it is an important component of Apple Store and the popularity of its products.

Intermediate testing on a pre-designed plan is conducted which is a necessity of the writing code process. This approach helps in avoidance of critical errors during development, and in case of any found, they are permanently eliminated.

Proper training is given to the company’s selected group of people before the app publication.

Wezom Mobile offers the following

We are a team of integrated developers that offer native platform tools for development of iOS apps by following the below-mentioned process:

  • Creation of individual design;
  • Native development on SWIFT programming language;
  • Placement in the App Store with a designed icon and ready-made description;
  • Maintenance at all stages of development by the project manager;
  • Development of a simple and understandable process for administration and management of the server part;
  • Free maintenance and modification during the warranty period.

The cost of developing applications for iOS is calculated depending on certain parameters such as:

  • Features and functions of the product
  • Design complexity
  • Development time.

The average time spent on the application is 3 months. Examples of our work can be found in the Portfolio section of our website.

If we have been able to convince you into ordering the development of an iOS application, then get in touch with us. We are guaranteed the professional approach in working with your project.