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For Startups

For Startups

HAVE A STARTUP? We will transform your idea into working product.We offer to deliver you complete working minimum valuable product with a fixed budget and in fixed time - base on your idea.


  • Planning
  • Mockup
  • UI/UX design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Publishing
From $8900 in 10 weeks

Startups is a fascinating new idea that the world has adopted especially since the turn of the millennium. The startup's concept is to bring a brand new or rejuvenated business model to the world from a unique dimension. This has allowed the younger generation the opportunity to make a name for themselves and to introduce a new way of selling a certain product or service.

Giving a life to a startup is not enough, the owners need to promote it in best possible way to get maximum benefit from it. Among the many marketing methods, mobile startups is a fresh and highly effective method. The real aim of mobile startups is to introduce and promote an idea initiated by a startup or launch the startup itself through services related to the mobile phones.

Wezom Mobile is offering startups the chance to get everything that a Company or individual needs to make their project a mobile sensation. The world is making business, communicating and performing all the necessary actions through smartphones. So, it is important today to have your project compatible with those smartphones. To satisfy this need, startup's app development is the first of the many services offered by Wezom Mobile.

The startup app development includes a modern, compatible with all operating systems and efficient startup mobile app that would increase the experience of all potential customers. For startups that are familiarizing the world with a new idea, must have an app that briefly but completely explains the product's types and services that being provided by the company or the individuals. The app should be simple and easy to use without having any complicated bits and pieces. Wezom Mobile understands the importance of having a mobile app that is accessible through iOS and Android so that everyone can experience the offerings of the company. Moreover, with the years of experience under their belt, the app development team at Wezom Mobile create the perfect mobile app for startups that can bring them visitors, views and most importantly, a lot of customers. Only a dedicated and informative app would be able to give the right impression to the right clients.

Wezom Mobile understands that for startups, the main focus, in the beginning, is to reduce as much as possible expenses. They are not targeting huge money right from the start, neither they don't have a huge budget. The only way forward for startups is to get a startup mobile app by the most economical rate. Within one week, Wezom Mobile would provide the best and conclusive estimate quote within the limits of the company's budget. The price quoted would be strictly followed along with the timeline provided. Besides, everything would be done in tandem with the ideas of the startup's owner. The owner would be kept in the loop during the entire app development process.

Wezom Mobile is also offering complete technical support to their clients along with all the necessary and legal documentation. Lastly, the app would be handed over the owner after being published and made available on all forums so that the app owner would not have to face any issues in the future.


What's included
$8 900
  • Xamarin mobile applications for iOS and Android or Native App without backend
  • Unique UX Design + Brand Design
$15 900
  • Web Admin + Native iOS or Android app
  • Unique UX Design + Brand Design
$20 900
  • Web Admin + Native iOS + Native Android applications
  • Unique UX Design + Brand Design
$22 900
  • Web site + Web Admin + Native iOS +Native Android apps
  • Unique UX Design + Brand Design
Documentation describing
technical specification and functionality.
Technical support
of existing product.
Available on web,
AppStore and Google Play.