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Development of Mobile Applications for Android OS

Development of Mobile Applications for Android OS

Our core strength lies in native Android(Java) app development.

Android App Development

6 Reasons to Hire Android Development Company

Mobile devices are an integral part of our daily life. People use phones not only to stay in contact but also to perform simple work tasks like checking and sending e-mails. Recently many companies have invested into the development of Android mobile devices. It has resulted in many disputes regarding whether it is better to invest in Android mobile app development company or iOS. The following statistical facts show that developing Android application is more efficient than Apple soft. Why?  Here are just some of the facts.

Investing in Android Development Services

  1. Bigger market share. One of the main reasons why you should give preference to Android is the fact that Android has a bigger market share in comparison to Apple. iPhone has an incredible and appealing design but due to many limitations in its operating system, Android is more widely spread. Recent statistics shows that 75% of the mobile market belongs to Android. In such a way, developing Android application gives access to a wider audience. Uploading app on Google Play provides the owner of the app with a huge database of users all around the world.  
  2. Profitability. Some time ago there was an opinion that iPhone was used by richer people, who could afford to pay more for applications. This was true but today everything has changed. In many categories, Google Play applications are as profitable as iOS apps. Moreover, many applications include free ads that bring income. In some way, it pays back Android app development cost.
  3. High-quality graphics. It is a well-known fact that design is very important for promoting applications. Today, Android development companies produce high-quality applications with powerful 2D and 3D graphics. It allures users, helps promote brands and increases sales. Modern Android applications have many useful features to provide user with maximum convenience and benefits.
  4. Lower marketing costs. No matter how amazing your application is, it needs a good marketing campaign to be successful. It will not promote itself. It is much cheaper to attract new users and promote Android app on Google Play than in Apple store. In addition, Android can deliver 11 percent more ad inventory in comparison to Apple store.
  5. Simple access. When someone develops iOS app, it presupposes that the ultimate user has mac or iPhone. It considerably limits the number of users. Unlike Apple products, Android app development services can be delivered on Mac, Linux, and Windows. Extra costs also will be needed to register as the application developer on Apple store and Google play but the difference in fee is considerable. To become a developer in Apple store you have to pay around 100$ while Google play will ask you to pay only 25$. The difference is considerable. 
  6. Features of Google Play. Google Play is a very convenient tool not only for users but also for any Android app development company. The developer can update app several times a day. Any app becomes available for users within 3-4 after it has been uploaded to Google Play. But the most favourable feature is the possibility to release app in alpha or beta versions. It means that app is available only for limited number of users that can test it. Unlike Apple store, Play Market accepts apps that use HTML5 cookie tracking and have access to UDID.  

Android development seems to have much more benefits over Apple. If you are considering the development of app for your business, do not make a decision based on overall usage of operating systems in your company, think bigger and make choice based on bigger facts.