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IT Out-Staffing for Your Business

IT Out-Staffing for Your Business

Free up your time in order to achieve your most ambitious goals by hiring our mobile app development team.


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Out-staffing of information technology (IT) personnel for software development and software management is a beneficial and legitimate solution for companies that do not wish to increase the number of hired employees yet want to fetch benefits of specialists. Out-staffing would allow the business to take advantage of qualified experts without incurring extra fixed costs and entering into labor agreements. So, why hire app developers on a permanent basis?

The IT specialists are part of the out-staffing service providing company with the hiring company having them as their staff members for the length of the contract between the provider and the receiver. The information about all IT personnel including app programmers for hire, is maintained by the out-staffing service providing company.

Motives for Switching To IT-Outstaffing

In today’s competitive business environment, there are instances where working without hiring IT professionals is not only difficult but impossible. But, the client’s company may not able to add human resource due to budget constraints. Therefore, the following are the reasons IT out-staffing services can be adopted by any of such companies:

  • limit the number of employees;
  • conducting business activities without having to legally register the company;
  • the need for temporary involvement of skillful software developers;
  • the need for urgent work at remote branches of the company;
  • limited time for the project. When the current staff members do not have time to complete the whole range of works by the specified deadline then other staff members are required.
  • the need to reduce the administrative costs such as salary payments to employees.

Our company, Wezom Mobile is proud to offer out-staffing services for business and corporations likewise. Anyone that acquires these services, that even includes outsource app development, from our prestigious list of services would be able to eliminate the risks and costs associated with extra personnel and personnel policy. Many developed and progressive companies are actively using the services of outsourced professionals possessing numerous qualifications and are reaping countless benefits in their line of business.

Wezom Mobile is prepared to offer potential customers, assistance and a team of competent developers for a required period of time. Send us a description of your project and start a profitable and economically sound cooperation with us today.

Advantages of IT Out-staffing For Businesses

Out-staffing services from Wezom Mobile is an opportunity for businesses to get dedicated services of IT-specialists without absorbing added costs such as outsource app development cost. The ordering of IT out-staffing services would have the following merits:

  • the ability to quickly recruit the necessary staff for priority tasks;
  • reducing the burden on staff members;
  • saving time and money for personnel search and maintenance;
  • reduction of the load on the personnel department due to the absence of the need to maintain personnel documentation for hired remote employees;
  • the ability to maintain the status of a small enterprise and tax benefits, while increasing the number of employees employed;
  • absence of costs associated with training and adaptation to the new working conditions of employees;
  • the ability to quickly replace a full-time specialist for the period of illness or business trip;
  • Absence of risks of inefficient use of personnel working on the project (for example, in the case of a work process caused by external factors).

As part of the IT out-staffing service, we are ready to offer competent and experienced experts such as freelance mobile app developers in the field of mobile application development for businesses. The uniqueness of our service is that we allow our clients to select the kind of employees they require to work on their project and supervise their activities throughout the project’s implementation period.

It is worth noting that IT out-staffing is dissimilar to outsourcing service. In the case of the former, the customer employs qualified specialists without the need to formalize the employment relationship with the staff. This means that a person can get their work done from a group of professionals without giving them the benefits that a hired and permanent employee gets. In the case of the outsourcing, the task or project is passed on to an outside company that performs all the necessary jobs and takes full responsibility for the result. This means a service providing company would take on a whole department and execute everything that needs to be done. An example is a customer service or call centers.

May it be IT out-staffing or outsourcing, both services are provided with a formal contract. The contract would describe all the details of the cooperation, the services rendered, benefits gained and the cost to be paid. Moreover, the contract document would specify the schedule of work of specialists, indicates the conditions for the replacement of a specialist, and the type of work performed.

Cost of IT Out-staffing Services

The provision of out-staffing and app programmers for hire will be cheaper than the maintenance of full-time specialists, personnel and accounting department employees. The cost of services is calculated individually and depends on the degree of complexity of the project and the level of qualification of the recruited specialists.

We are ready to offer a team of specialists for a period of a minimum of one day. For more information on the terms of cooperation, kindly contact the company manager by sending a request or by calling the specified telephone number.