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Mobile App Testing Services

Along with the market of mobile applications that are successfully gaining popularity, the need for improvement in the quality of app development and mobile app testing is also enhancing. The reason being is that when the company uploads an error ridden app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, it results in negative reviews, lower ratings and subsequently lower number of downloads. Therefore, quality assurance (QA) or mobile app testing is necessary. It assures the prevention of problems within the app and also provides the ground for usage of special tools and techniques for the verification of software for overall compliance. Wezom Mobile's QA or mobile testing service focuses on the software development stage of mobile apps which in turn helps in the reduction of errors in the finished product.

Process Features

QA mobile application testing is a complex process and it is completely different from the testing or checking of quality of personal computer programs. The complex nature is related to a number of reasons such as the variety of resolutions, the various screen aspects compatibility for mobile devices and a huge number of mobile phone models and bundles (Google Play Store supports over 15000 different Android smartphone models). Moreover, the operating system version is also taken into account along with the speed of the internet and risk of disconnection. All of these are of significant importance.

There are certain parameters that need to be considered when it comes to native mobile application testing. Wezom Mobile, courtesy of its years of experience, understands those parameters for testing of the quality of mobile development to be the following:

• The amount of memory utilized;

• The level of battery power consumed, i.e. the intensity of discharge of the device;

• Stability of the operation when the app is installed on memory cards;

• Features of displaying on screens for different resolutions and different pixel densities;

• Type of connection to the internet and features of working with an unstable communication or with no connection at all;

• Sensitivity to incoming and outgoing calls, receiving and sending of texts and multimedia messages;

• Synchronization of processes with other programs;

• Correct installation and removal of the device and the flash card;

• Features as per locality - translation into different languages ​​and adaptation to the mentality of the inhabitants of a certain country;

• Resuming stability after failures.

Our company, Wezom Mobile has an abundance of knowledge, skill and all the important components to offer the best mobile application testing services. The entire process of complex works is completed by professional testers and competent programmers that guarantee that the quality of app testing and development would meet all the important and necessary requirements.

QA testing services from Wezom Mobile

A properly designed mobile application should be able to meet all demands of the business, attract profits for the company and be accessible to all the users. Hence, during the process of development of software for smartphones, tablets, and other portable gadgets, extensive testing is conducted. And with the help of special techniques and tools, all the existing and prevailing software errors and flaws are detected and subsequently eliminated.

Wezom Mobile adheres to the following procedure for the quality control of software for various portable gadgets:

• Check the correctness of the application on various mobile devices;

• Analysis for compliance with the requirements of online stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play Store;

• Stress testing aimed at assessing the stability of the software in conditions where the workload of the device exceeds and the signals of the internet are unstable;

• Checking the usability, design, security, performance.

The qualified experts of Wezom Mobile would select the precise testing model so that the results are in line with client's requirements without putting any excessive burden of financial and time costs. Our specialists provide QA service as part of the client's order and as a mandatory method in the software development process.

Wezom Mobile and its proficient developers have the required expertise in quality control of various types of smartphone software. The types include simple and complex games and programs, on both Android and iOS interfaces. The cost of the service provided is calculated individually, on the basis of the work done.

Order your mobile app development and testing services from Wezom Mobile today and receive a flawless and quality product.


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