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For Startups

For Startups

HAVE A STARTUP? We will transform your idea into working product.We offer to deliver you complete working minimum valuable product with a fixed budget and in fixed time - base on your idea.


  • Planning
  • Mockup
  • UI/UX design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Publishing
From $8900 in 10 weeks

How to Build a Profitable Startup

When building mobile startups, developers often pay extra attention to new design and handiness, considering these factors crucial for further success. Without a doubt, these features are important, but they are not the main ones. There are three factors that determine if mobile start up has all chance of bringing profits.

The Right Time for a Startup App Development

Each application should be created for targeting audience which is ready for the product. When there is an urgent need in a startup mobile app and developers can give their audience just what is required - creators can count on impressive profit soon.

This requires thorough preparation, including custom needs researches, enquiry-inquiries and market examination to exclude similar projects existance. Such checks-up usually require some time. But professionals can cope with this task in just hours.

Ideal Place for Startup Mobile App

It is wise to find a group of people interested in the quick startup app development. For instance, offering an app for picking the right self-tanning cream will definitely fail in Africa, but might work for most of European regions.

It is also important to check the market for similar products to avoid a so-called ‘glut of supply’. Nobody is interested in new product that already has a number of ‘twins’ available.

WOW Moment for Mobile App Startups

The application should have its own significant features that can make it stand out from all other mobile startups. It does not matter if developers keen on unique design or new approach of solving an old problem. there should be something that can make targeting audience pay special attention to this app.

It might seem that all gaps have been filled by previous applications, but the market is dynamic, which means that new products pop up daily leaving some inventions far behind.

Reaching all aims in short terms is possible under one condition -  a team of professionals that can complete all researches and offer a plan for further mobile startup development together with the highest quality mobile application.

Customers never stick to apps that might show any glitches or bugs. Too slow software will rarely show good results or bring impressive profit. As you can see, building any startup means taking risks, but if there is a power that can help avoiding most of them - life gets easier. Find a team you can trust and it will boost chances for success together with income.


What's included
$8 900
  • Xamarin mobile applications for iOS and Android or Native App without backend
  • Unique UX Design + Brand Design
$15 900
  • Web Admin + Native iOS or Android app
  • Unique UX Design + Brand Design
$20 900
  • Web Admin + Native iOS + Native Android applications
  • Unique UX Design + Brand Design
$22 900
  • Web site + Web Admin + Native iOS +Native Android apps
  • Unique UX Design + Brand Design
Documentation describing
technical specification and functionality.
Technical support
of existing product.
Available on web,
AppStore and Google Play.